How to View Your AdSense revenue by Page in Google Analytics? (Step by Step)

Tracking the performance of your AdSense ads gives you comprehensive data about how your visitors engage with your ads. Therefore you know how to improve your monetization with Adsense.

Here are two simple steps to help you view Adsense reporting in Google Analtyics

Here is the instructions:

  1. Login to your Google Analytics.

  2. Click the Admin menu at the bottom left of the page.

    ga admin
  3. In the “Account” column, choose the Analytics account that contains the property you want to link with your AdSense account.

  4. In the “Property” column, select the Analytics property you want to link.

  5. Click AdSense Linking.

    ga adsense linking
  6. On the “AdSense Linking” page, click + New AdSense Link.

  7. Select the AdSense property and the Adsense type.

    ga adsense property
  8. Click Continue.

  9. Choose the Analytics views in which you want your AdSense data to be available.

    ga adsense property 1
  10. Click Enable Link.

    ga adsense enable link
  11. Your Analytics and AdSense accounts are now linked.

2. View Adsense Report in Google Analtyics

Check your data after a few hours. Google refer more than 24 hours. However, it’s sooner in most case. To view the report, here are the step by step instrucitons:

  1. Clicks on Behavior.

  2. Click on Publisher tab.

  3. Click on Publisher Pages.

    On the report, you can see Publisher Revenue by page. You can also explore following metrics:

    • Publisher Impressions;
    • Publisher Impressions per Sessions;
    • Publisher Viewable Impressions;
    • Publisher Clicks;
    • Publisher Revenue per 1000 Sessions;

Please note, publisher clicks and Adsense clicks are not the same.

ga adsense dashboard

3. Advanced Report on Google Data Studio

You can connect Google Analtyics with Google Data Studio for more details.